Your house in Spain: invest now in energy-saving!

If you own a house in Spain, even when it is your second home, this might be the moment to invest in energy saving measures.

For many houses built in Spain over the last thirty years, especially in the popular coastal areas, energy saving was not exactly a focus point. Logical; the climate was friendly and the energy cheap. And while the climate in Spain is still as friendly as ever, energy is not so cheap anymore.

With the real estate market at a historical depth, it might therefore be just the right moment to invest in some energy saving measures for your spanish house. Not only will it save you    directly on your energy bill and will it improve your comfort, also it will get you in a better selling position once the market starts to recover. Why? Because soon you will be obliged to obtain an energy certificate for your house in Spain when selling or renting it out. And the better your energy note, the better the price you can get for it! Contact us and we will be happy to give you all the details or also to analyse your house, and help you to save energy very soon!


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