Every home in Catalonia must have a habitation certificate, called Cèdula d’Habitabilitat. This certificate is necessary to connect to the water and electricity mains. In new buildings, the Cèdula is provided upon delivery. Upon transfer of an existing house, the seller has the duty to transfer the  Cèdula to the buyer. Also, the Cèdula could be expired.
To obtain a Cèdula a statement from the architect is needed certifying that the house meets all requirements of habitability. Normally we can provide a statement within 24 hours, we also wrap the further settlement with the Generalitat raft.


Buying an existing home in Spain can be an attractive option, especially now that house prices fell sharply as a result of the crisis. But not everything has been built in recent years, is of excellent technical quality. Before buying a house to move, it is therefore advisable to have a comprehensive technical examination by a licensed architect to be undertaken. For a reasonable price, you have the security are no surprises to come.


In addition to technical reports, we can also assist with the purchase of your plot. With years of experience we can usually within a few days to decide about all legal aspects of the plot, whether it is free of encumbrances, which may be built on them, etcetera.


For most operations in Spain, you have a business license. We serve you with the preparation of all technical documentation that is necessary for that.


It is in Spain for more than you think: one day there is a letter from the municipality in the bus and found the pool of your beautiful home never to be legalized. Or later attached garage. In such cases it is usually possible for us this with a post approval in order.


Recently there has been in Spain a mandatory periodic inspection building. Initially this is intended for older residential buildings, but gradually it will also test for the more recent housing will be required. We are fully qualified to perform this inspection.